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Bedford Clock Collection Honey Oak Chiming Pendulum Wall Clock

Bedford Clock Collection offers you the elegance and beauty of classic style with the modern reliable technology of today’s wall clocks. Whether a gift to yourself or for someone else, this clock will add a special touch of sophistication to any room. With it's stunning Golden Oak finish, Golden Accents and Swinging Pendulum, this time piece is not only an attractive focal point, but a functional and reliable piece of technology. With 4 distinct Chimes, the clock will announce the beginning of each new hour for your convenience. Carved details and special touches throughout, as well as a convenient Sleep Mode.

Item Weight: 11.35 lbs

Item Dimensions: 12.25l x 5.50w x 29.25h

Contact Details

Email: info@bedfordclocks.com
Website: www.bedfordclocks.com

26308 Spirit Ct
Santa Clarita, CA 91350
United States